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Cold IMp

Cold Imp is a combination of cold reading and improv with its main focus being on the text itself. It offers writers the unique opportunity to hear their writing read out loud by trained actors in a more casual setting.


Why cold read a text instead of giving actors direction or rehearsing it beforehand?

The ideal for a writer would be to find that an actor naturally takes to their script in the way that they intended it to be taken, if not at least close enough to it. An opportunity can be had at this event to discover how to improve and adapt according to the needs of the medium, the actors, or the audience. There are many surprises that occur when a script isn't contrived in its delivery that may not be realized without the aid of such an experience.

The writer is a conductor of their own verbal orchestra. Writers can elect to choose actors or have their roles/sections of text chosen voluntarily by the actors themselves.


The format of the event is as follows: 

Firstly, the text is cold read. Then, the writer is asked if they would like to receive feedback immediately on it or to have their text read again with direction given by the writer or an elected member of the audience. Time for feedback is always allotted if the writer permits it. A second reading depends on the time and preference of the writer. The writer can choose to forego a cold reading and give direction to their first reading if time doesn't permit a second reading. At any time during a reading, the writer can ask the actors to stop and start again or go back to a specific line.

Presented works are usually unfinished plays, novels or poems, which ultimately means that Cold Imp is often the very first experience for a writer to hear their text through the voice of another person.

A writer may use this platform as they feel inclined, whether it is to develop an unfinished work, to give credence for an eventual production, or to inspire creative stimulation for further works.

This source of inspiration shares itself naturally to fellow writers present, who are then encouraged along with the audience, to discuss, exchange their opinions, and give feedback to the writer whose text they have just witnessed.

Cold Imp offers a space to try, question, improve, and connect.

All are welcome to attend, observe, and give feedback!

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