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Staged Reading Series

Staged reading Series (SRS) is a formal platform for readings of plays that are typically further along in their development. The readings are rehearsed and set in a theatre space where theatrical elements may (or may not) be involved. 

This event is geared towards the reading of one full length play (60 pages or more) or three one-act/short plays maximum (10-35 pages length each).

What is the purpose of a staged reading?

A staged reading is a form of theatre where actors read from scripts without sets, costumes, or full movement. The purpose is to gauge the effectiveness of the text and the play’s dramatic elements when stripped to its bare qualities. It may be surprising how even "good" acting can hide a script's flaws. Thus, this event is geared towards preventing the hiding of any flaws in order to help create the best play possible for the writer (if they so desire).


A writer may use this platform as they feel inclined, whether it is to develop a script, to give credence for its eventual production, or to simply find an answer they've been looking for.

The format of the event is as follows: 

Each play will take its turn to go up in front of an audience. A play may be staged with scripts in hand, movement/blocking, or actors simply will sit in chairs and read from music stands. After the play is read, there is an immediate feedback session for it. Rinse and repeat. Intermissions occur as needed.


Please note:

The play may be interrupted by the writer or director at any time. This is a process, not a result! 

Feedback is essential to the process. Any constructive input is valuable to the writer!

Srs offers a space to develop your craft, be heard, and Receive much sought-after Feedback.

All are welcome to attend, take notes, and give feedback!

See requirements for writing submissions here!

See opportunities for participating as an actor here!

See all upcoming events here!

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