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Write Before Your Eyes

Write Before Your Eyes (WBYE) is a public sneak peek into the creative process! A lively, experimental event geared towards instant composition and exploration.

It is a platform for both actors and writers to hone their craft, expand their repertoire, and inspire each other to create something new, all the while providing a unique opportunity for the audience to be involved in this rarely seen part of the process.


The format of the event is as follows: 

Writers are given a prompt and two minutes to start a scene or a monologue inspired by it. These fresh texts are immediately given to actors - who perform it twice, once cold, and then again with audience/writer feedback. After the second attempt, the audience is asked how the writer should continue their text, and he/she/they choose an idea to run with, expanding on their piece while the other writers’ texts are put on the stage. This process is repeated two or three times throughout the event, leaving each writer with a new beginning to expand upon, spark something new, or put aside as they choose.

Write Before Your Eyes offers a space to Experiment, inspire, and Let go of perfectionism.

All are welcome to attend, observe, and get involved!

See opportunities for participating as a writer here!

See opportunities for participating as an actor here!

See all upcoming events here!

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