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New Play Showcase

New Play Showcase (NPS) is the culmination of our new play development program. We fully perform and realize a playwright's short play (5-20 minutes length) in an evening of short plays with other playwrights.


The short plays produced are usually texts that have been created or developed throughout our other events (WBYE, Cold Imp, SRS, PIP Meet-ups). Not required, but highly encouraged as the selection process is much more difficult, taking into account the practicalities of a play's production.


The aim of every playwright is to have their work fully produced and DBD & PIP are here to support you in every step of the process. From printing scripts for the first rehearsal to managing the stage at the premiere, we meet the demands required (& more!) to give your play its due.

The last chapter of every writer’s journey… or perhaps, the very first?

New Play Showcase offers a space to Realize your theatrical expression.

All are welcome to attend, get inspired, and Be Heard!

See requirements for writing submissions here!

See opportunities for participating as an actor here!

See all upcoming events here!

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