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New Play Showcase

9 December 2023

Skautský Institut

Photography by Olga Cui (@scenolgraphy)

Production credits

MAGICIANS by Stephanie Brush
Directed by Stephanie Brush
Liz: Rozálie Andělová
Cara: Mikiros Garoes
Richard: Chris Gatpo
Conductor: Stephanie Brush

NIGHT TRAIN by Kierstan DeVoe
Directed by Kierstan DeVoe
Woman: Rozálie Andělová
Man: Alex Asikainen


by Petra Křenková
Directed by Luc.i.e.
Laurel: Ayelet Halamish
Mike: Robert Davy

THE EASY WAY OUT by Emma Clarke
Directed by Emma Clarke
Andy: Charles Marvin
Melissa: Lizi Liklikadze
The Guide: Michelle Arnold
Archie: Kevin Quis
Henry: Justin C. Nuyens

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