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Frequently asked questions

How does the submission process work?

For Cold Imp, scripts will be chosen in the order they are submitted until the limit has been reached for that specific event. 

For Staged Reading Series, we look at how far along a piece is in its development and what the writer is looking to receive from the experience in order to benefit the writer as much as possible.

For Radio Tuna events & our New Play Showcase, the work should be more finely tuned (pun intended) & meet our practical expectations of production.


How does the audition process work?

Actors arrive to fill out an audition form. They receive a side (piece of script) to look over for about 5-10 minutes with another actor before they go into the audition room.


It is possible to audition at the same time with a friend/fellow actor, just register in advance.


For registration, contact:


Do you produce plays without aiding their development?

Yes we are open to producing plays without aiding their development. It just depends on the script and how our visions match.

Currently we accept unsolicited scripts.

Feel free to reach out to


How can my theatre partner with

Dark bark drama?

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